Clinical Quality Performance CY2017

STAT EMS monitors and measures clinical data such as Intubation rates, Intravenous Access, patient care documentation, stroke care, cardiac arrest analysis, patient assessment practices, and federal compliance to long term patients. This and other data is collected, measured, and published each month to its staff and is shared with CAAS (Commission on Accreditation Ambulance Service) to ensure proper and transparent oversight meets national accreditation standards with the absolute goal to improve patient care and fiscal responsibility.



      STAT EMS Response Times in your

contracted community


Community Location           Fractile Life Threatening Response Time

    Fenton City                      5 minutes 23 Seconds             93.6%


Response times begin from the moment the call is received and EMS unit arriving at scene.                                                                                                       

National Adopted Standards for life threatening emergency response time for many urban areas is:

8 minutes 59 seconds 90% of responses



What customers and clients are saying about STAT EMS!


Maplewood Manor - Genesee County

"Prompt and great service, always willing to accept last minute calls and customer service reps are fabulous"


Wellspring - Saginaw

"The 'former' company was overcharging us thousands of dollars and their staff always yelled at our nurses.  We switched to STAT and its night vs. day, what a professional service STAT has"!


Avista Care - Saginaw

"Crews always professional and polite"

STAT takes last minute calls, always there to help"


Willowbrook - Genesee County

"STAT EMS is the best service we have ever experienced. They are consistent and always there for our patients"


Fostrian Manor - Genesee County

"Easy to work with, accepts last minute appointments, and the staff is great to work with"